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Natural link building


1. Choose the right tariff

Choose the right tariff

There are 3 rates available for natural link promotion of your site in Google search results.

Starting rate (90 USD – 80 sites). The good solution for gradually building natural link mass, especially for “young” sites that have no links at all or few.

The optimal rate (180 USD – 170 sites). The best solution for sites that already have links, but need more natural links to grow.

Advanced rate (270 USD – 210 sites). Suitable for sites that have a good link profile, but which need to be established in the TOP-issue of Google.

2. Pay the selected tariff

Pay the selected tariff

The following types of payment are available:

– PrivatBank card;
– current account;
– Payoneer payment system;
– electronic payment service “Yandex.Money”.

Attention! To pay the selected tariff through the service “Yandex.Money”, you must specify our details
bank card. You will find how to do this in the official instructions of Yandex at the link.

Work on the natural link promotion of the site begins the day after receipt of payment.

3. Fill in the questionnaire in detail

Fill in the questionnaire in detail

To maximize the profile, we need the maximum data about your site: site theme, logo, region of promotion, company name, address and phone number of the company, a brief description of the company (5-7 short sentences), links to social networks and links to videos about the company on “YouTube” or “vimeo”.

We strongly recommend that you write 5-7 short sentences about the company’s website, as no one will better describe what your site is about. In the absence of a brief description, it will be taken from the section “About us”.

4. Your promotion to TOP has begun

Your promotion to TOP has begun

We will inform you about the start of work and make them in the best shape.

For natural link promotion we use our own database of sites on the catalog with DR> 70. The database has a number of social networks, website designers, presentation sites and blogs. In addition, we affix a fixed number of trust redirect links and links from site analyzers.

Upon completion of all work, we manually check each link, add all posted links to the Google index, generate a report and send it to the client.

From the moment the report is sent, there is a 10-day warranty on each link provided. If the link is removed during the warranty period, we will easily replace it with a new one.

Natural link building


We do everything to make your traffic and your position grow.
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